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In the field, the performance of Longwall Associates equipment speaks for itself – just ask our customers Longwall specializes in fully-customized equipment handcrafted in the heart of Eastern US coal country, offering you a full line of longwall conveyors with superior and unrivaled Power, Production and Performance

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Longwall productivity has been increased by improvements in mining technology as well as by the mining of larger panels Unfortunately, with these productivity improvements and the mining of deeper, gassier coalbeds, methane gas emissions can become a problem

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mining Since 1977 the number of us" longwall mining sections using double-ended ranging-arm shearers has increased from 37 to 89 To achieve these production levels, the average horsepower supplied to a longwall shearer has increased from 333 hp in 1977 to 403 hp in 1984 (1-2)5 In this study shearer motor en;rgy is defined as the kilowatt

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Longwall mining is a high-volume coal extraction method where a rectangular “panel” in the coalbed has been outlined with a set of development entries However, longwall mining creates large-scale disturbances around the longwall face and in the overlying strata The immediate consequences of these

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In-house manufacture of bit holders and cutter drums allows for a higher degree of integration and machine performance Gearing is designed using proprietary processes, which contribute to maximum performance The modular construction of our longwall shearers …

Investigation of longwall goaf gas flows and borehole

Mining a coal seam causes overburden strata caving and fracturing which may affect the goaf gas flows and borehole drainage performance The heights of the caved and fractured zones are controlled by many factors, including the mining thickness, mining depth, longwall panel width, geological conditions of the overburden ( Karacan et al, 2007

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Longwall Associates line of crushers absolutely crush it Meticulously custom designed and handcrafted for consistent, high capacity coal crushing capabilities and smooth coal flow, Longwall Associates offers unsurpassed performance As with our inventive stageloader design, our crusher design minimizes dust and noise, across the board

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Designed for High-performance Mining Your shearer is the most critical part of your longwall production process That’s why high-performance longwall operations demand shearers that deliver the highest productivity, availability and reliability

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Longwall mining is a form of underground coal mining where a long wall of coal is mined in a single slice (typically 06 – 10 m thick) The longwall panel (the block of coal that is being mined) is typically 3 – 4 km long and 250 – 400 m wide

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Thus, as predicted by the modeling and analysis, it appears that abutment stresses imparted on the barrier during mining did not substantially alter the natural hydrogeologic characteristics, or leakage potential, of the barrier The longwall coal mine water-barrier pillar design and …

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Longwall mining is an expensive undertaking – from the preparation of the site to capital investment in the equipment That is why longwall owners have high performance expectations, especially in tough economic times when commodity prices are low

901-61 Design and Performance of a Longwall Coal Mine

stresses imparted on the barrier during mining did not substantially alter the natural hydrogeologic characteristics, or leakage potential, of the barrier The longwall coal mine water-barrier pillar design and performance are considered a success INTRODUCTION Canyon Fuel Company (CFC) had planned longwall mining

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Improvements in GGV production performance evaluation capabilities for site-specific mining conditions and circumstances can address a variety of longwall gas emission issues, resulting in improvements in GGV design and gas capture from overburden strata

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Sep 16, 2013 · High-performance longwall operations demand shearers of the highest quality and reliability The Cat® range of longwall shearers are designed to meet these demands - covering seam heights from 1

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With constant pressure for greater productivity, improving the performance of longwall systems remains a key goal for mine operators At Caterpillar, all aspects of longwall operation and machinery are continuously reviewed to find ways to improve productivity and reduce the overall cost of mining The performance of the face conveyor system is

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Longwall Mining in Seams of Medium Thickness Comparison of Plow and Shearer Performance under Room-and-pillar mining in low seams is generally less efficient than longwall mining because as much as 50% of coal is lost performance of a longwall: the Time Utilization Degree (TUD) and the Procedural Utilization Degree

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Home – Underground Mining – Longwall – Plow Systems Plow systems from Caterpillar make the plow the mining system of choice for low and medium seams under 18 m (59 ft) With features offered only by Caterpillar, our plow systems exceed the production performance of shearers and offer future-oriented solutions for hard-coal mining

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High Performance Plows: A Legacy of Innovation Since the first longwall plow system was installed in Germany in 1940, the plow has proven itself as the most productive choice for low-seam longwall mining

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Analysis of Longwall Development Systems in Australian Underground Hard Coal Mines - Benchmarking and Optimisation - Identification and classification of performance drivers (eg legislation, geotechnical parameters, equipment and organisation / mining – “bord and pillar” also referred to as “room and pillar”, and longwall

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In order to compare the performance of shearer and plow faces in medium coal seams, the authors carried out a comprehensive consideration of the technical, procedural and financial aspects of longwall mining

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The longwall mining machinery cuts or shears the coal off the face of a long wall panel of coal in a single pass The machinery will then advance forward and perform another pass along the coal face The broken off coal is hauled to the surface using conveyor belts

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Advances in Longwall Mining Method have made this system more economically attractive because of its efficiency and production potential The high productivity being achieved by longwall mining demonstrates its potential for being a substantial segment of underground coal production

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High-Performance Longwalling and Roadheading in Hard Coal Mining, Minetime Düsseldorf, Germany, 1999 (invited by conference organizers to present longwall mining technology and safety aspects in …

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Longwall mining involves cutting the coal off the face of a long wall panel of coal in a single pass of the machinery The machinery will then advance forward and perform another pass along the coal face

Performance of Chock Shield Supports in Longwall Mining

Longwall mining is a common mining method in Iran that is often affected by out-of-seam dilution (OSD) The field investigations performed in Tabas coal mine show that OSD often occurs due to roof

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they are now mining a longwall panel of 1482 (ft) in width and 12,761 (ft) in length The system has been performing well and is now consistently producing 800,000+ tons/month The Century Mine longwall has recently achieved a company production record of over 1,100,000 ton in a single month

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Welcome to Longwall Hydraulics Specialists in: Pumping – Valving – Water Jetting – Dust Suppression Longwall Coal Mining, Steel Manufacture, Iron Ore production and Oil and Gas plants need to maximize productivity through comprehensive planning of design and supply strategies to provide high levels of performance and reliability

Investigation of longwall goaf gas flows and borehole

To reduce methane emissions into the workings of a longwall panel, the mechanisms of gas emissions and migration within the longwall goaf must first be understood Additionally, high performance

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At Caterpillar, all aspects of longwall operation and machinery are continuously reviewed to find ways to improve productivity and reduce the overall cost of mining The performance of the face conveyor system is continually improving

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Complete Longwall Systems Joy offers a complete range of longwall equipment to suit the needs of mining operations worldwide Joy is globally recognized as a leading manufacturer of complete longwall systems Joy provides its customers witha single, accountable source for shearers, roof supports, face conveyors, stageloaders, crushers and mobile

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Sep 10, 2012 · This video provides a basic description of the longwall mining method for extracting coal underground It includes an explanation of the different products/key components of a longwall mining

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Reman and Repair Services For Longwall Mining Equipment Swanson is proficient in fast, efficient remanufacturing and repair of longwall roof supports and sidewall hydraulic supports as well as underground coal mining equipment

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Longwall Mining Services continues to accelerate into broader product offering With the current price of metallurgical coal going through the roof, timing could not be better The new partnership with Enhanced Performance Ventilation Solutions, has been a brilliant fit into the portfolio

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The longwall method is currently the safest and most productive for mining coal underground For a longwall face to reach its full potential, stable gate entries must be maintained Effective pillar design is often the single most important step a longwall operator can take to protect the gate entries

Grasstree longwall performance hits 9Mtpa production

ANGLO American’s Grasstree longwall operation, part of the Capcoal complex in Central Queensland, has undergone a series of performance upgrades lifting it …

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An operation’s profitability and success demand a partner who understands the rigors and challenges of today’s mining operation Longwall Associates is here as your strategic partner…for the long haul

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CSIRO Exploration & Mining chief Dr Mike McWilliams and Joy Australasia managing director Mark Finlay signed the worldwide non-exclusive licence for LASC (Longwall Automation Steering Committee) yesterday at the Queensland Centre for Advanced Technologies in Brisbane yesterday